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Thank you for visiting our page. My name is Mr. Kelvin, and I am a South African-based chef. My company focuses on providing the best African foods experience to its African customers. We specialized in all types of foods, from soup, to beverages. We are known in most parts of Africa for our unique way of cooking. Scroll down to learn more.


Finding some of the most highly rated dishes in Africa? We are a South Africa's based company with specialties in Africa delicacies. We have an established presence in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Senegal, Namibia, Mauritius, Uganda, and South Africa. We have been around since 2000, during when we opened our first location in the Free State Province. Today, we boasts ranking one of the best in South Africa, and our dishes have been voted to be the best in some cities in the country.

the african fruity juice

Having worked in the fruit and beverages sphere for over two decades, we boasts of making some of the best locally made juices. You want to try it? Check out our specialties and let us know what you want, and we'll get it ready for you.

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african green soup

Are you planning to travel to Africa anytime soon? If Yes. You should probably be aware of the different types of soup to expect. Our company provides a unique soup known as the "African Green Soup". You will surely love this in the first taste.

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afro sandwich

If there is anything more popular and sells pretty fast, then it must be the Afro Sandwich. We have employed and trained hundreds of staff on how to make the best Afro Sandwich for our customers.

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africano salad

You are really missing out if you are yet to taste this salad. Honestly, we get hundreds and sometimes thousands orders of this unique salad. You will hardly find something similar.

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GRADESIFY is a website dedicated for all-things concerning foods, drinks, and beverages in Africa. The company was established in the fall of 2000 by Mr. Kelvin with only four staff at the time. Today, we have 2,300 staff members from across Africa. As of this writing, we have solid presence in eitht African countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Senegal, Namibia, Mauritius, Uganda, and South Africa. In the next coming years, we are planning to expand into other African and European countries.


Mr. Kelvin Fred

Being a food lover myself, I have always been so fascinated about foods and drinks all my life, which is what lead to establishing a company where I can put my cooking skills to work. Many people in my home town, the Free State Province, know me as Mr. Chef. Lol, and that is because of my enormous contribution in the hospitality industry of South Africa. Before my company was founded, I used to spend more and more time reaching out to people in Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Cape Town, Limpopo, and several other big cities across South Africa, just to figure out how my company can make a difference. It hasn't been so easy, as there are so many obstacles we have faced, and are still facing. However, our company is now a big one, and doing what it ought to do.

Words can not explain how happy we to make a positive difference in the lifes of South Africans, and the African people in general. In 2019, we started donating foods, cloths, and some other things to the underpriviledge people to four countries in South Africa. We know challenging life is in Africa, and we are taking it upon ourselves to ensure we can out to as many people as we possibly can. We are working earnestly to ensure the world become a place where everyone can feed healthily. I want to use this medum to thank all our staff members, and hurge you all to keep doing what you know how to do best. And for our customers, we are always there to serve you just right, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week.

Mr. Kelvin Fred


We prepare different types of soup as per the individual needs and want. Reason is because, we believe that everyone is unique in their own different ways. That said, our soup menu contains a wide range of African delicacies; from Beans Soup, Vegetable Soup, to Fruits Soup. All this are made in the GRADESIFY Kitchen! Our soups our quite budget friendly, and just anyone can afford to buy as many plates as they can consume without having to blow your pocket.

Beans Soup

150 RAND

Vegetable Soup


Fruits Soup





Apart from preparing some of the best locally-made juices, our specialties includes a host of other foods, especially those targetted at our African customers. We have lots and lots of dishes on the menu, some of which are quite unique. We know what is best for our African customers, and are always trying to tweak our skills to create a satisfying experience for them.

There are many ways to prepare noodles. We are going to serve you with different types.
You want to taste our salad? Touch base let's get it ready for you.
Fried Rice
This is where our customers get even more super excited.